Visit the Market Stand for Fresh Berries, Shortcake, Pies & Bakery Treats

Stop by at From the Farm for fresh beries and bakery treats, Burlington, WashingtonEvery morning Tami brings freshly picked berries from the fields to the market stand. Depending on what's in season, we'll have sweet red strawberries, Stop by the Farm Market in Burlington, Washington for From the Farm Treats of berries and shortcake. blueberries, raspberries, tayberries and more! And while Tami brings in the berries, Susan and her staff are in the kitchen baking the delicious shortcake, pies, and other bakery treats that will be ready and still warm when the market stand doors open.

The berries come from many farms in the valley and are sold by half flats, pints and half pints.

Grab some sweet berries and a package of shortcake to take home, or to indulge in a bowl of juicy fresh strawberry shortcake right there at the stand. We have the perfect spot for enjoying the summer sun and farmland view.

Fresh berries and home made shortcake direct From the Farm Treats, Burlington, WA Browse through the Market Stand and you will not only see the many goodies we bake but also jams, syrups, and honey from neighboring farms. As a special treat, we carry white and green oolong tea grown by tea specialist Richard Sakuma right here in Washington. Need a gift? Check out our selection of fun farm gifts.

We can take special orders too!

The Ice Cream Shop

Famous Berry Smoothies, Fresh Berry Shakes & and our famous Shortcake. We make the shortcake ourselves, and top it with fresh, locally grown berries!

Our fresh berry shake draws locals like bees to honey. Try a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream topped with Skagit Valley berries, berry smoothies and sundaes. And yes, if you can't wait to get your berries and shortcake home, we'll serve you up a bowl for a delicious and refreshing treat.